OceanView Community Association 
Serving the community with a wide range of activites and services.
Providing the community with a range of activities and services.
OVCA has organized a variety of activities and services for the community including:
   - Special Events  - Complimentary dinners    - Veteran Services
    - Medical services - Informative activites       - Food services

The OVCA Community Center

The center is a 2-story building encompassing some 5,000 sq.ft. of internal space. It is conveniently located at 92-8924 Leilani Circle in Ocean View as illustrated on the map contained under the "Contact Us" tab of this website. It is complete with a reception desk staffed by volunteers, a full kitchen, a kids library, a main movie and book library, small meeting rooms, a large meeting room, a computer lab (with free use of the WiFi), and storage rooms through out.

The center is where most of the activites and events take place. For persons interested in a space for a party or special event, the large room, with furniture, and kitchen are available for rent. 

Event Coordinator

Activites, services, and events are among the many offerings provided by the OVCA.  Karen Powell is the point contact for scheduling use of the OVCA facility. She can be contacted through the OVCA at 939-7033.

The OVCA facility is available to rent to members and the public at a very reasonable rate for weddings, family reunions, memorial services, birthday parties and other events.

Events scheduled each month can be viewed on this website.  Just click on the  "Calendar" tab herein.  

Weekly Free Dinners

These events bring together an average of 60 persons within the communiny for camaraderie and complimentary food. The dinners are served on Thursdays at 4 pm.  Volunteers prepare the food, serve the dinners, and clean-up afterward. A good time is had by all. The costs of the food only is partially paid for by the Ocean View Community Association and partially by a Federal Grant received in 2016.  All other goods used are paid from theOcean View Community Association for this popular event.

Thansgiving Day Dinner

This popular annual event brought more than 350 diners to the Community Center in 2016. Again at the generouslity of volunteers who cooked the meal, provided kitchen duty, serving, and clean-up.  Much of the cost was covered by donations from local merchants donating food and supplies. 

Church Services

The OVCA currently rents the Community Center to the Lamb of God Baptist Church and the Ocean View Baptist Church who offer Sunday services to the community.

Veteran Services

Every Thursday the Department of Veterans Affairs offers individual and benefits counseling to the many Vets in Ocean View from 8:30am - 12:30pm. 

The VA doctor who offered medical services to our Vets is no longer available since that program was cut in June 2017.  The VA is working on getting a "Telehealth Kiosk" donated to the Community Center.  By all accounts, it is an impressive system for primary care.

Medical Services

A variety of free community medical activities are provided from time-to-time. The times and dates for these activities ar shown on the calendar presented on this website.

Activites such as free eye exams, dental exams, etc. are but a few of the services offered
Also included is the access to a defibrillator at the OVCA center and the corresponding operator telephone number. Included as well is a monthly CERT (Community Emergency Response Team meetings and training.

Informative and Community Action Activities

Ranging from presentation to specific training courses, OCVA schcedules from time-to-time a variety of these complimentary activites for the community. The times and dates for these activities ar shown on the calendar presented on this website.

The activites are varied and include many different interest, levels such as: family reading night; monthly food pantry (various times); monthly Volunteer Fire Department meetings and training;
monthly neighborhood watch meetings; monthly OVCA Board meetings; monthly Ham radio meetings; spay/neuter clinics; and community action meetings (covering various subjects)

Food Service

OVCA supports access to free food in the form of a "food bank" at St. Jude's Church.

Additionally, through a grant acheirved by the OVCA board, an "Aloha Food Program' has been initiated for the free delivery of food to persons in need. Information is available at the OVCA center for signing up.