Our OVCA Board of Directors

Current Meeting Minutes
(past minutes can be found below)

Board Meeting Minutes - April 17,2019
Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Ron Gall at 12:29 pm
Board Members Present: Ron Gall, Gary Bailey, Annette Chace, Suzanne Reiter, Dave Anderson,
                   Barbara Lewis
Guests Present: David Lohr, Trevor Rollman
March Meeting Minutes:  Approved as read with correction of the misspelling of Chace.
Treasure's Report: Was not available while our New treasurer, Suzanne Reiter, is in training.
Guest Forum:

David Lohr to offer property donation: Mr. Lohr has offered seven acres of land to the Ocean View Community Association. It is separated into 2 one acre parcels and 1 five acre parcel. He is willing to do a quick claim deed, pay for lawyer fees that might be necessary for the sale of the property and pay liability insurance until the property is sold. He wants 50% of the sale price when it’s sold and donate the balance to the association. He feels that it shouldn't be sold for any less than $300,000.
       Action: The board discussed getting a land appraisal to determine the market value. It was also asked if Mr. Lohr might have any living relatives that would contest deeding the property to the association. Since two other people live on the property, a liability risk would exist while the property is on the market. Ron is to get a realtor’s evaluation of market value.  He will also develop other options to present to Mr. Lohr and report back to the board.
Trevor Rollman requests to rent freezer storage space.
     Action: Only an upright freezer would best fit into the center up to thirty six inches wide. The board would require it to be locked at all times and would charge a reasonable amount but no specific amount was discussed.
Old Business:
1. The Laptop Purchase                                                                     Action:  David Anderson made a motion that Ron Gall buy the HP Stream laptop that
                has 2 USB and 32 GB hard drive for $166.00 and free shipping. Suzanne Reiter
                seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.
2. Reader Boards and Phone System:                                                                                                                     
      Action: A new phone system that would work is too expensive to purchase at this time. As
               for the reader board Ron Gall made a motion that it would only be changed once
               a week, and Gary Bailey seconded it and the motion carried unanimously. We
               need someone to do this job so it was suggested that we put the need into the
               newsletter and up on our new face book page that is going to be starting.
3. OVCA Facebook page:
      Action: Gary Bailey volunteered to start one from scratch and try to get it up and
               running. Annette Chace will be a secondary for helping with it.
4. Senior Training & Employment Program:
      Action: We would again try to get the information out there to our members and put it
                up on the face book page.
5. Specific list of tasks was posted in the March/April Newsletter. Should we post as the Hot topic on our website and start calling people on the volunteer list for help?
      Action: We need to put together a list of tasks that are needed to be done. And to also
               place this up on our face book page.
6. Car and Bike show: Over 200 attended the event and OVCA made a profit of about $900. Three
memberships were renewed and two new memberships were paid.
      Action: There was discussion on shortening the time for next year and how we could get
               folks to pre-register for $10 and charge $15 at the gate.
         1. We also need to recruit more help and try to have a better PA system so folks can
           hear better. 
      2. We also feel like their needs to be a way to identify the volunteers, so name tags
           were suggested. 
      3. We discussed on making package deals for folks that some would be free and                   maybe there would be a dance afterwards that could be charged for in order to pay for         a live band.
7. Library Organization:
      Action: We need to ask about having more direction on what she actually wants.

New Business:
1.  Membership and advertiser renewals and the results.
      Action: We do not have results yet. To be discussed at May meeting.

2.  Need new board pictures for the website.
      Action: Ron to take at May meeting.
3. Status of new treasurer training May and June:
      Action: Training is on going. To be discussed at May meeting.
4. We need to get a person to clean community center:
      Action: To put it out again in our newsletter and face book page but this needs to start
               by next week. To be discussed at May meeting.
5. Need to advise DOE of concerns regarding Blended Learning Students: 
      Action: There has been a letter written with all the concerns that OVCA has and Gary
               Bailey suggested that there be a meeting set up with Blended Learning principal
               and at this meeting present the concerns that we have and have seen. Ron Gall, 
               and David Anderson will be setting this up meeting.
6. Costco renewal:
      Action: The agreement is not to renew.
7.  May 15th marks the OVCA’s 50th Anniversary!
Adjourned at: 1:56 pm
Submitted by Annette Chace – Secretary
Ronald M Gall - President

Past Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes – March 20, 2019 (Amended)
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 12:37
Board Members Present: Ron Gall, Gary Bailey, Tim and Annette Chace, Suzanne Reiter, Dave Anderson
Guests Present: David Lohr, David Seipel
February Meeting Minutes: Approved with correction; Correction: Page 2, Date Due on overdue fees letters changed to April 20, 2019.
Treasurer’s Report: January 2019: Net loss of $2,103 (including cost of flooring and roof repairs); February figures have not yet been calculated.
Old Business

1.  Membership & advertiser renewals reminder for 2019:
        Action: Suzanne prepared reminders to mail for 2019 renewals to be paid by April 20, 2019. If not received
           timely, May/June Newsletters will not be sent and member benefits will stop. Suzanne will revise the
           front desk procedures to reflect that the person working the front desk will ask persons who come in if
           they are members and if not, encourage them to become members.  Letters were also sent to
           advertisers who have not paid their 2019 fees.
2.  Reader Boards: What can/should be posted for the long term?
       Action: We still need someone to set up a voicemail message option for people to listen to upcoming events.
               The instruction manual has been located and the voicemail message will be set up.
3.  OVCA Facebook page:
       Action:  Noel Cielo is expected to discuss with Ron in the near future. This item is pending.

4.  Directory Ad: Our new ad was resized to a quarter page cutting the cost in half to $160.
5.  Senior Training & Employment Program: This item is pending.
6.  Specific list of tasks for the March/April Newsletter:
       Action: A list of OVCA help needs was posted in the March/April Newsletter but no one has yet committed to

           help. Ron and staff will be calling people on our volunteer list the last two weeks of March. Ron will
           ask Noel to post on Facebook and send it to Dayle for our web page.
7.  Library Organization: (Suggestion was to reorganize the books totally by authors alphabetically) Ron said we may have volunteers to accomplish this.
8.  Invoicing to Parents, Inc for Parenting Classes and DOE for Blended Learning classes has been prepared and mailed. 
9. Community Center Projects completed: The new flooring has now been completed in the kitchen and pantry….all flooring is now done. Piano string cover has been completed.
New Business

1. OVCA Officers election:
        Action: Tim Chace resigned as Treasurer due to scheduling conflicts. Tim will therefore be removed as a

            signer on the credit union account. Paulette Frerichs term as Treasurer has expired and her name
            will also be removed as a signer on the credit union account.

Motions were made, seconded and passed to accept Tim’s resignation and to remove Tim and Paulette from the credit union account.

Suzanne Reiter is nominated for Treasurer; Annette Chase is nominated for Secretary. Suzanne Reiter was elected as Treasurer and Annette Chace is elected as Secretary. Suzanne Reiter will be added as a signer to the credit union account.

2. Costco Membership: Who should be on the account?  Change from Executive card?
         Action: A motion was made and seconded to non-renew the Costco Membership since we have members

             who have Costco cards and are willing to use them for purchases at Costco. Further, the benefits
             of the card do not justify the cost.
3. Laptop for Treasurer: Buy laptop to keep financial records (Costco $225)? Buy Quicken (Costco $80)? OR continue using
Excel (Ron can share Office 365 subscription)?
         Action: Laptops were discussed; buying at Costco vs. Walmart. A motion was made to buy the new laptop from Costco and to continue using Ron’s shared programs. Ron will purchase the laptop.
4. Updated Pancake Breakfast procedures:  Any changes or additions?
         Action: Minor changes to the position instructions were explained to Gary and other minor modifications

              were made.
5. Car & Bike Show Volunteers:  Ron has call list.
            Action: We are still receiving entries and Ron will call for volunteers to assist at the show.
                       Discussion was also had regarding food sales; hot dogs with or without chili, chips, and a
                drink will sell for $5.00. Discussion was had regarding possibly selling chili as another
                option but that would require bowls, silverware, etc. so that idea was not pursued.
David Seipel discussed his desire to conduct driver’s ed classes at the Community Center. He would like to use the Computer Lab and have 10 students per class, with ten classes. Discussion was had regarding charging him a lower fee for the first class and, depending on the amount of students, increasing the fee after the first class. David is in the process of having flyers printed and distributed, primarily to schools, to get this established. 
Adjourned:  1:52 PM
Submitted by Suzanne Reiter, Secretary
Ron Gall, President
Board Meeting Minutes – February 20, 2019
Call to Order:   The meeting was called to order at 12:37pm
Board Members Present: Dave Anderson, Barbara Lewis, Paulette Frerichs, Tim Chase, Gary Bailey,
            Ron Gall, Suzanne Reiter
Guests Present:  None
November Meeting Minutes: Approved with Correction(s): #2 – replace “Roger” with “Noel Cielo”
     and #5 should read “Noon – 3 PM” instead of “11-3 PM.”
Treasurer’s Report: Paulette reported we have $3,896.83 profit in January
Old Business

1.  Membership & advertiser renewals reminder for 2019:
       Action: Board reminders to non-renewed Members and Advertisers for 2019.
           Send out reminders by mail and/or via email.
           Suggestions were made concerning mailing physical notices to non-paying members rather than by email, plus reminders to advertisers who have not renewed. Suzanne will draft form letters to merge with the Excel database of Members.
2.  Reader Boards: What can/should be posted for the long term?
      Action:  No response yet after request for donations in the Newsletter to fund an electronic reader boards. Thanks to Dennis Custard who is now does the Reader Board postings. The postings are done once a week; discussion was held concerning setting up voicemail messages on the Center telephone with an option to leave a message and an option to hear the upcoming events.  It is believed that it is possible to set this up on the telephone; this would be an additional option to the reader boards.  The user manual needs to be checked in order to determine how to set this up on the phone.
3.  Children’s Library has been completed including a TV and DVD player. More kids’ movies needed. Paulette stated that often Walmart will have children’s videos in a $3 bin.
4.  Directors & Officers Insurance policy to be acquired before January 1, 2019.
      Action:  This insurance was effective as of November 30, 2018.
5.  OVCA Facebook page.
      Action:  Create new Facebook page; Ron’s neighbor, Don has volunteered to assist with that.
However OVCA Member, Noel Cielo, volunteered also. Ron to contact Noel.
6.  Lifetime Memberships for past OVCA Presidents.
       Action:  These will be distributed to past presidents.
New Business
1.  Directory Ad: Should we renew? Should we reduce size from ½ page to ¼ page and save $160?
      Action:  Paulette made a motion that we take our directory ad to ¼ page and save money; the motion passed.  Ron to finalize with the Ka’u Chamber of Commerce.
2.  Specific list of tasks for new staff to post in next Newsletter (and Email to Members?)
      Action: (i.e. Backup for current staff at Front Desk; list of staff needed for Car & Bike Show, etc.). A suggestion was made that we put on Facebook and on our web page that we are looking for two backup helpers for the front desk (alternates). We also need helpers for building maintenance (1 person), the library, DVD’s filing and organizing; the kids’ library (1 person) and someone to assist in grant writing. A suggestion was made that we ask for computers in the newsletter (in items we would like to have donated) since we need 1-2 more computers for guests and members to use.
3.  Senior Training & Employment Program
      Action:  Dave presented a summary of that program. Essentially the county pays ($10.10/hr) for training of unemployed, low income seniors 55 years or older to train with a pubic or non-profit agency for an average of 19 hours per week. Ron to check on the details. 

4.  Community Center Projects completed:
      Dave Anderson installed new flooring in the upstairs restrooms. He also put epoxy floor paint on the upstairs lanai with the help of Gary Bailey and Dennis Boskofsky. Thanks to donors to the Roof Fund, the worst part of the roof has now been replaced (over 1/3 of the roof). Special thanks to Dave
Anderson, Greg Guithues, Dennis Boskofsky and Gary Bailey for their work on this much needed project. Paulette mentioned securing helpers for the library to reorganize the books totally by authors alphabetically, rather than by genre as it is currently organized.  Paulette additionally suggested if maybe 3-4 people could come and help one day, possibly a Saturday when the Center is closed, most of the reorganization could be accomplished, at least to the extent that the authors would be alphabetized by last name.

5. Workshop Meeting for the Board members:  Request to schedule a meeting to be presented by Eleanor and Suzanne.
      Action:  The request was tabled; discussion was that priority should be given to outdated and/or contradictory bylaws and recruitment of additional volunteers (“helpers”) and members.

6. Building Codes:  Change staff code and update list of codes for others.
      Action:  Dave and Ron will be updating the codes, and certain areas will have certain codes. Discussion was also had regarding issuing codes for only the locations needing access by people renting specific spaces; i.e., the kitchen would have a different code than the main hall upstairs.

7. Invoicing to Parents, Inc:
      Action:   Invoices will be forwarded to that organization during the first ten days of the month being billed for. An invoice will be purchased (a form) or designed. Discussion was had regarding unpaid Community Center dues.  The consensus was to include a reminder sheet in the next newsletter; if dues are not paid by May 1st, the non-paying party will receive no more newsletters.
Adjourned:  2:19 PM
Submitted by Suzanne Reiter, Secretary
______/ S /_____________________
Ron Gall, President

Special Membership Meeting Minutes – December 19, 2018
Call to Order:  5:05 PM
Board Members Present:  Dave Anderson, Ron Gall, Barbara Lewis and Suzanne Reiter
Members Present: Gary Bailey, Ann Bosted, Tim Chace, Annette Chee, Karen Powell, Ron Reiss and Eleanor Shannon
Introduction of 2018 Board of Directors, Parliamentarian and 2019 Nominees
Welcome to Members
Purpose of Meeting: Membership election of 2019 Board of Directors
          Appointment of OVCA Staff
Nominations from the floor: None
Election results: 137 Election ballots sent; 32 ballots received by OVCA
        All nominees below were elected:
          Dave Anderson
          Gary Bailey
          Tim Chace
          Ron Gall
          Barbara Lewis
          Suzanne Reiter
The 2019 Board of Directors will elect the Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) before the Annual Members Meeting on January 19, 2019.
Organizational Chart introduction & call for staff appointments:
          The organizational chart was given to all in attendance and discussed. Members are encouraged to suggest changes and/or additions.  The organizational chart is now on the OVCA website (ovcahi.org).
Staff Appointments:  There were no volunteers at this time for vacant committees or support staff positions.
Current Committee Chairs:
Bylaws & Parliamentarian     Eleanor Shannon
Finance             Vacant
Audit             Vacant
Buildings & Property       Vacant
Membership          Eleanor Shannon
Nominating            Vacant
Staff Administration       Vacant
Programs & Activities       Karen Powell
Building/Property Maintenance  Dave Anderson
Adjourned: 5:44 PM
Submitted by Ron Gall - Secretary
Dave Anderson - President

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – October 17, 2018
Call To Order:           12:36 PM
Board Members Present:  Dave Anderson, Joan Guithues, Paulette Frerichs, Ron Gall
Guests Present:  Suzanne Reiter, Karen Powell, Hub Lucas, Gabby Lucas, Tim & Annette Chace
September Minutes:     Approved:   Yes         Corrections:  None
Treasurer’s Report:  September net loss of $4,112.64; Year-to-Date net loss of $5,112.72
Old Business
1.  Painting projects: Kid’s library mural is complete.  Mahalo to the Home School Co-op Group for their fine work!
2.  Termite treatment: final orange oil treatment scheduled for Oct 19.
3.  Membership renewal reminder for 2019:
    Action:  Tabled due to recent events which will be discussed under New Business.
4.  HOVE Road Maintenance has not reported back re possible delivery of cold seal.
    Action:  Pending status from HOVE Road Maintenance Corp.
5.  Handicapped Parking Signs (3) available and ready to be installed.
    Action:  Dave will install within the week.
6.  Roof grant: Tabled per Cindy Cutts due to recent events which will be discussed under New Business.
7.  Follow-up from Ron re proposal from Mars Cavers:
    Action:  No videos at this time.  Mars needs person(s) to video Ka’u activities or other activities of interest to Ka’u.
8.  OVCA shirts and caps:
    Action:Tabled due to recent events which will be discussed under New Business.
9.  Reader board now has semi-permanent message re OVCA need for directors and volunteers and to see website for activities calendar. Oct 16 community information mtg cancelled. October pancake breakfast also cancelled.
New Business
1.  Joan Guithues has resigned as president of OVCA.
    Action:  Paulette nominated Dave as President; Joan seconded motion; Dave elected unanimously.  Dave appointed Joan as Vice President.  Dave and Joan will both serve in these positions and Paulette will serve as Treasurer until December 31, 2018.  Ron is willing to serve his second term as President in 2019 if elected.
2.  Brenda Ford suggested contacting Roxcie Waltgen at Hawaii County Parks & Recreation re possible transfer management of OVCA to county. On Oct 12, Joan spoke with Park & Rec Deputy Maurice Messina who is now spearheading research into acquisition of OVCA for a “Senior Center/Community Center” with plans to continue current commitment to schools, VA Telehealth and other community services.
    Action:  Joan has received no additional information from County Parks & Recreation.  She will ask Mr. Messina if Parks & Recreation allow church services at facilities they operate.  Ron will contact Maile David regarding church services at county facilities.
    Annette Chase (of Lamb of God Baptist Church) advises that Hawaii County turned down her request for church services at the Pauillo Community Center.  She is not aware of another facility that their church can use other than the OVCC.
    Karen Powell will be attending a quarterly meeting of eight organizations tomorrow in Na’alehu and will ask if there are any county facilities that allow church services.
3.  Compose letter to post in Ka’u Calendar or blog and OVCA website re OVCA dissolution.
    Action: Joan to contact Ka’u Calendar and West Hawaii Today for publication of letter. Ron & Dayle Rhodes to post on the OVCA website.

Hub Lucas suggested that current board members mentor potential board members.  He also suggested that the board use a direct mailing to inform the community regarding the existence of the OVCC and the events that are occurring

4.  Dissolution of corporation notice letter and ballot to be mailed to current members re explanation of current unsustainable status of OVCA and possible management transfer to Hawaii County Parks & Recreation. Bylaws require 60 day notice.
    Action:  Letter has been drafted.  Will be mailed by Friday 19 October.
5.  Notice of dissolution of corporation to be posted on OVCA website and update new President, Dave Anderson and Vice-President, Joan Guithues on the website.
6.  Thanksgiving Dinner will occur one more time.  Joan has sent 30 letters requesting donations.
     Action:  Notice of the Thanksgiving Dinner will be posted in the Ka’u Calendar.  The board needs to acquire supplies to feed the expected 350 people.  Contact volunteers to man stations on Thanksgiving Day as well as preparations the week prior.
7.  Replace the main hall floor covering and repair damage caused by chair storage drawers and the piano.  Replace floor covering in the kitchen and the upper restrooms. Put piano on stage to prevent further damage to hall floor.
     Action:  Paulette moved that the board use the Maintenance Account to fund materials and labor for new flooring in the main hall and have the piano moved to the stage.  Additionally, board the use that account to complete the Kids’ Library (flooring, craft table, cabinets & chairs) if enough funds are available.  Ron to get cost estimates for Kids’ Library.  Motion was seconded by Dave and motion passed unanimously. 
    Ron made motion to complete the Kids’ Library (flooring, craft table, cabinets & chairs) if enough funds are available.  Ron to get cost estimates for Kids’ Library.  Motion was seconded by Paulette seconded and motion passed unanimously. 
8.  Install new floor covering on the upper lanai.  The previous indoor/outdoor carpeting was removed several years ago and the eyesore has remained.
     Action:  Motion by Joan to install new flooring on lanai.  Dave seconded; motion passed unanimously (assuming funds are available). 
9.  Due to the possibility of the OVCC offices closing and/or OVCA dissolving, the board decided that no new members be accepted until further decision of the board.  Additionally, dues will be accepted from unpaid members to pay to renew memberships for 2018 until further decision.
Adjourned:  2:32 PM
Submitted by Ron Gall – Secretary
______________________________    Dave Anderson - President

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2018
Call To Order: 12:33 PM
Board Members Present: Joan Guithues, Paulette Frerichs and Ron Gall
Guests Present: Greg Guithues and Suzanne Reiter
August Minutes: Approved:  Yes  Corrections:  None
Treasurer’s Report: August net loss of $231.07 (Not including $200 restitution received; balance $1,684)
1. Painting projects: Kid’s Library mural in process, almost finished.
2. Termite treatment this week, Sept 20 and 21.
3. Rummage Sale successfully emptied garage and stage to prepare for termite treatment. Thank you to all the volunteers who carried boxes, sorted items, rubbish runs and clean-up of the main hall. Total donations from event $370.
4. Costco membership, Paulette follow-up: OVCA can have up to three members.
5. Membership Renewal Reminder Options: Greg and Ron to work on options to merge into a letter for the OVCA Newsletter
Direct mailing to members. Colorful banner reminder on each page of November/December newsletter

    Action: A colorful banner reminder will be in the November/December newsletter. Other options (ie. direct mailing) to be decided
        at October board meeting.
6. HOVE Road Maintenance to report back to us regarding possible delivery of cold seal for parking lots. Laura Foster measured parking the lots Sept 17.
7. A disabled parking sign and post is needed in the lower parking lot. Two new disabled parking signs are needed to be attached to posts on upper parking lots.

    Action: Greg to buy three signs (two for upper parking lot and one for lower parking lot).
8. Roof grant:  Action: Joan to discuss with Cindy Cutts about options and timing to proceed first with pursuing County/State support
            (see #1 in New Business) or pursue grants first.

9. Proposal from Mars Cavers:

    Action: Ron to discuss vetting and publication options with Mars Cavers.
10. OVCA shirts and/or caps: Aug/Sept newsletter requested slogans and designs

    Action: We’ve received no suggestions for design or interest to date. Set over decision to October board meeting.
1.  Discussion of county or state government accruement of OVCA. Joan placed call to Rep. Richard Creagan to discuss how to proceed.  While OVCA is financially sound, the very small group of volunteers who staff the community center are stretched beyond reason.

    Action: Ron to draft article describing the urgent need for staffing at OVCC and the possibility that the community may need to
        close without more volunteers or staff. The article will be posted in the next OVCA newsletter and the Ka’u blog and
        maybe in the November Ka’u Calendar.

2.  Lori Jaynes will be leaving us as our wonderful OVCC cleaner. She will be training our new cleaner, Kailani Toriano, in October.
3.  Food Handler’s Certification Class: 32 people were certified.
4.  Reader Boards: Not room for all events and it’s an extra burden on volunteers.

    Action: Joan made motion to only post “See OVCA website or call 939-7033”; Ron seconded motion; passed unanimously.

        October 7th, the reader board will read: 
             “Sat Pancake Breakfast 8-11 A” and
             “Community Center May Close”
             “Come to the meeting Oct 16 @ 6 P”

Joan Guithues

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – August 15, 2018
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Joan Guithues, Paulette Frerichs & Ron Gall
GUESTS PRESENT: Suzanne Reiter, Eleanor Shannon, Greg Guithues & Mars Cavers
JUNE MINUTES: Approved without corrections/additions

TREASURER'S REPORT: July net loss of $4,076.14 (after annual $4,899.65 insurance premium)
1.  Bylaws Committee:  Joan made a motion to inactivate the bylaws committee. Paulette seconded and the motion passed
             unanimously. Eleanor Shannon expressed interest in taking on the role of civic researcher as needed.
             The board appreciated Eleanor's input.
2.  Aloha Food Basket Program ended July 2018.

3.  Painting projects:  Computer Lab painting has been completed.
            Kids Library walls under the murals have been painted; the mural is being completed by homeschool group
            The women’s bathroom upstairs has been completed.
4.  Pancake Breakfast: The August 18th breakfast included sugar-free syrup and decaf coffee.

5.  Termite treatment: Two estimates were obtained. The board unanimously voted to accept the lower bid from Smart Pest Control
            with a two year warranty. The cost will be $4,005 this year. After two years, it will cost $769 per year
             to maintain.

6.  Costco Membership: Costco to return call to Paulette to advise how many individuals we can have on the OVCA Membership.
7.  Blended Learning Update: Classes will start on August 21st on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 8am-4pm. Seven students are
               expected at startup.
8.  Personal classified ads in newsletter: Ron motioned to allow personal classified ads in newsletter. Joan seconded and the motion
             passed unanimously. 
9.  Membership Renewal Reminder Options: 
            a.  Greg and Ron to work on options to merge into a letter for the OVCA Newsletter;
            b.  Direct mailing to members;
            c.  Colorful banner reminder included on each page of the November-December newsletter.

                     This option was approved by the board.

10.  Fire extinguishers: All OVCC fire extinguishers were inspected, serviced and/or replaced. Total cost $289.12. A “K” extinguisher will
            be needed in the kitchen beginning in 2019. 
11.  Parking lot repairs:  Sharon Beck, Principal of Kau High and Pahala Elementary School, is investigating a grant to pave the OVCC lower parking lot. The blended learning students could make use of the paved area during recreational break time. A recent estimate for repaving the lower lot was $45,000.
The upper parking lot paving estimate was $42,000. The board will consider less costly options and/or apply for grants.
A disabled parking sign and post is needed in the lower parking lot. 
12.  Roof Grant: Ron to contact Richard Creagan’s assistant (Daniel) for assistance in applying again for the State Grants-In-Aid.

13.  Proposal from Mars Cavers: Mars is working on Ka'u stories and videos to post on YouTube. She is requesting stories from OVCA members and the Ka'u community at large.
1. Hawaii Primary Election: Over 350 people voted at the OVCC on August 11.
2. OVCA shirts and/or caps: Set over to next board meeting. Upcoming Newsletter will solicit slogans and designs for shirts and/or caps.
Meeting Adjourned: 2:23 PM
Submitted by Ron Gall - Secretary
Joan Guithues - President

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – July 18, 2018
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Joan Guithues & Ron Gall
BOARD MEMBER ABSENT: Dave Anderson & Paulette Frerichs

GUESTS PRESENT: Suzanne Reiter, Bill Shock, Lisa Shock & Mars Cavers
JUNE MINUTES: Approved without corrections/additions

TREASURER'S REPORT: Net profit of $305.32 in May (not including $260 restitution received)
1.  The Aloha Food basket program will discontinue the end of July 2018.

2.  Painting projects:
    Computer Lab painting will be completed on July 20th. Rather than replace the carpet, the floor will be epoxy painted (like the
    Lending Library).
    Kids Library shelf has been moved and painted. The walls under the murals will be painted next.
    The women’s bathroom downstairs has been painted.  The upstairs women’s bathroom will be completed in July.
3.  Pancake Breakfast: The August breakfast will be on August 18th due to the main hall being used for the Primary Election voting on August 11th. It was requested that we serve decaf coffee and sugar free syrup.

4.  Wednesday free dinners have been discontinued.  In order to resume, we will need more cooks and volunteers for serving and other kitchen help.

5.  Building rental fees:  There will be a $10 minimum fee for use by paying renters (no half hour rentals).

6.  Long Distance Phone Service:  It is not cost effective to add this service at the OVCC.
7.  Termite Treatment Estimates:  Paulette and Joan are trying to get estimates.
8.  OVCA Costco Membership:  Paulette to ascertain how many individuals we can have on our membership card.
9.  Blended Learning School: The new Blended Learning School for grades 7-12 will begin in August 2018 at the Ocean View Community Center. It will be produced through a partnership between Kaʻū High School and Pāhala Elementary School and hosted by the Ocean View Community Association. The State Department of Education (DOE) is providing 10 chrome books with secure storage and 12 chairs for students’ use. Staff from Ka’u High School has completed painting the OVCA computer lab including replacing the carpet with epoxy paint. 
Principal Sharon Beck said the program will strive to provide our youth with an array of opportunities that meet their needs and future by offering an individualized education program that includes on-line delivery of content and instruction; student control over time and place. Students of the program will meet with a teacher twice a week - Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Ocean View Community Center’s computer lab. As the program grows, the DOE plans to expand the program with the help and partnership of St. Jude’s Church and their computer lab. While enrollment size is limited, those interested can call (808) 313-4100 for more information.
10. Department of Health will conduct a free Food Handlers Certification class at the community center on September 4, 2018
10:30am-1pm. Enrollment is full.
1.  Classified Ads in Newsletter: 
The Board will consider allowing OVCA Members to post an ad in the bi-monthly newsletter. It still needs to set a maximum of characters to allow per ad and establish an amount to charge ($5 or $10 per issue).
2.  Membership Renewal Reminders: Ron has a Word document that could be used to merge with the Excel membership list OR a direct mail could be done (under $300 for all PO boxes in Ocean View).

3.  Membership Fees:  Should fees be prorated during the calendar year?
            Action:  The Board consensus is to prorate fees only for new members as all renewals are due in January of

                 each year.
4.  Fire Extinguishers:  All will be inspected on July 24th and those that need it will be recharged. The cost is $50 plus $6-$8 each to inspect each extinguisher and $30 for each that needs to be recharged.

5.  Asphalt/Chip Seat of OVCA Parking Lots:  DOE is getting bids for the upper and lower lots (separately) from Bob Taylor. Sharon Beck will then apply for a grant to pay for one lot.
6.  Roof grant:  Richard Creagan suggested we contact Daniel in his office to help apply for a grant.
7.  Mars Cavers suggested getting someone to film a movie of the community center to post on Utube. She will report back when she finds someone to do the filming.
Meeting Adjourned:   2:11 PM
Submitted by Ron Gall - Secretary
Joan Guithues - President

CALL TO ORDER: 12:39 PM       

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Barbara Lewis, Joan Guithues, Paulette Frerichs & Ron Gall

GUESTS PRESENT: Greg Guithues, Suzanne Reiter & Tyson Bryan
MAY MINUTES: Approved without corrections/additions

TREASURER'S REPORT: Paulette reported a net profit of $305.32 in May
1.  Roberts Rules of Order acquired.

2.  Scope of OVCA to be clarified in July/August newsletter that the association is available to all subdivisions in Ocean View (not just
3.  Food Drive
          Action:  Paulette placed a box for “Aloha Food” donations in the main hall.  No donations received to date.

4.  Aloha Food
          Action:  OVCA will continue program through 2018 and reevaluate for 2019.  In order to reduce our costs, Joan

               will reduce the food baskets by about one third.

5.  Leaders Merchant Services cancellation charge has now been refunded.

6.  The carpet for the VA Telehealth room was installed on May 17th by volunteers from the Naalehu Jehovahs Witness Church.

7.  Painting projects:  Project priorities were discussed.
          Action:  The computer lab to be painted before the end of July; the kids’ library to be painted after the computer

               lab. The Department of Education (DOE) has confirmed that it will donate ten computers, twelve chairs
               and carpet for the computer lab to prepare for the Blended Learning classes beginning in August. 
               (Also see item 7 in New Business)

                Other projects include modifying & painting the book shelf divider in the kids’ library and creating an

                historical wall in the green room.
8.  The pancake breakfast in August will be on August 18th as the main hall will be as the voting precinct for the Primary Election.
   Karen Powell has prepared a list of tasks for volunteers for the pancake breakfasts.
9.  Wednesday Free Dinners:  Discussion included the need for more volunteers to cook, serve and clean up. The impact on the OVCA
   budget was also discussed with the possibility of having the dinner just once a month.
           Action:  The board to revisit this project before the July board meeting. 

10. Dayle Rhodes has added links on the OVCA website to access the USGS Volcano reports; Civil Defense and Ocean View weather.

1.  Volunteer Coordinator:  Joan will coordinate until a long-term plan is decided.

2.  Paulette is working with the Department of Health to conduct a free Food Handlers class at the community center this summer.
   The date to be announced soon with a maximum of 50 attendees.
3.  Building Rental Fees:  It was discussed that some renters use for less than one hour.
           Action:  The board unanimously decided to charge a one hour minimum for building use effective July 1, 2018.

4.  Long Distance Phone Service:  It is unclear whether the extra expense is worthwhile.
           Action:  The front desk staff will keep a tally of the number of long distance calls are made. Additionally, other

                staff/directors will keep a tally of long distance calls made.

5.  Termite Extermination: Paulette is getting estimates from companies to perform one-time or periodic treatment at the community


6.  Building Security: Only the OVCA officers now have the building codes.  Security will be reviewed periodically including

            activation more video surveillance.

7.  Blended Learning Program:  The DOE is going to implement an online school program for Seventh Grade – Twelfth Grade
   beginning in August 2018. Class size is anticipated to be limited to ten students from Ocean View.
8.  OVCA Costco Membership:  Paulette to ascertain how many individuals we can have on our membership card.
Meeting Adjourned:   2:11 PM
Submitted by Ron Gall - Secretary
Joan Guithues - President

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – May 16, 2018
CALL TO ORDER: 12:15pm       

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Ron Gall, Paulette Frerichs, Joan Guithues
COMMITTEES:  Membership -  Eleanor Shannon
         By Laws – Eleanor Shannon

TREASURER'S REPORT:  Paulette reported a net loss of $306.08 in April
1.  ByLaws Committee report:  Eleanor
   Eleanor presented an organizational chart which was taken under advisement.  The board appreciates all the information Eleanor has provided and will strive to develop an organizational chart appropriate to OVCA.  Joan to purchase a copy of  Robert’s Rules of Order, 11th edition for OVCA.

2.  Membership Committee report:  Eleanor
    Eleanor to proceed with membership outreach.  Eleanor suggested that all areas of OVCA be listed in the newsletter to inform the community of the scope of OVCA’s service area. This is to clarify that OVCA is not just for HOVE.

3.  Food Drive (OVCA provides 35+ food bags per month to residents) 
          Action:  Paulette to ask for “Aloha Food” donations from the churches that rent the main hall and   green room. Paulette to provide collection boxes.

4.  Due to problems at the free dinner there is a sign posted in the main hall stating that OVCA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

8.  Leaders Merchant Services program was not compatible with our website so no charges were to be added for cancellation. Ron contacted the company May 16, 2018 regarding cancellation charge refund. Refund request is being processed and Ron will advise when Leaders makes a determination.

9.  VA Telehealth room carpet (to be installed May 17 by Jehovah Witness volunteers)
      Painting projects:  Kids Library; Ladies’ Bathrooms; and Computer Lab
      After painting projects are completed, OVCA will have an Open House.

1.  May 12 pancake breakfast was cancelled due to the possibility of volcanic explosions spreading ash in Ka’u.

2.  Paulette reports that Wednesday Free dinners will resume June 6. Paulette is working with Lynn Van Leeuwen (Volunteer Coordinator) to provide the volunteers with a procedure for this event.
3.  Ron will include Civil Defense and USGS web links on the OVCA website to inform and educate the community.
4. Officer change discussion proposed by Ron. Paulette entered a motion to exchange titles between Ron and Joan. The motion was seconded by Ron and unanimously passed. Effective June 1, 2018 Joan Guithues will be the OVCA President and Ron Gall will be OVCA Secretary.
Meeting Adjourned:   2:05pm

Submitted by Joan Guithues
Ronald M Gall - President

Board Meeting AGENDA – April 18, 2018

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Dave Anderson, , Paulette Frerichs, Ron Gall
DIRECTORS PRESENT:  Director - Joan Guithues
COMMITTEES:  Membership -  Eleanor Shannon
         By Laws – Eleanor Shannon
GUESTS PRESENT:  Event Coordinator – Karen Powell
FEBRUARY MINUTES:  Approved: Yes    Corrections: None (No BOD meeting in March)

TREASURER'S REPORT:  Net profit of $215.09 in February and $1,100 in March
2.  Membership Committee:  OVCA office staff have provided Eleanor with a list of current and past OVCA Members. 
3.  2017 GE & IRS Tax Returns:   Tax returns have been filed.

4.  Eleanor submitted a By Laws binder for each OVCA Officer and an extra for Directors at the February board
            meeting with change recommendations. 
            Action:  Board to address Eleanor’s recommendations before the Annual Meeting

5.  Fundraiser Planning:  - Yard Sale; Food Drive
            Action:  Yard Sale – Need teams of four; estimated to take about 20 hours. Paulette made motion to target
                 the yard sale date for October 6th; seconded by Ron; passed unanimously.

                 Food Drive - Suggestion was made to put boxes for food donations at stores in Ocean View.                          Ron will make a flyer to post on the donation boxes.
6.  Still need signs for Community Center advising the public, due to problems at free dinners etc that:
            OVCA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

7.  Ron will call Leaders Merchant Services for $350 refund (their system not compatible with our website).

1.  Main Hall painting:  Dave Anderson, Evie Becker, Dennis Boskofsky & Gary Bailey did a great job painting the ceiling and walls.
2.  Other painting/remodel projects:  Kids Library, Ladies Restrooms, Computer Lab and Pantry

3.  Volunteer Coordinator: 
            Action:  Lynn Vanleewen appointed to coordinate volunteers for OVCA events.
4.  New VA Counselor & Telehealth Schedule:
            Beginning May 17th VA Telehealth will be every Thursday (except July 19 & 26)  8-11:30 AM

            Vet Center Outreach will be the 4th Thursday of the month beginning May 24th.
5.  Carpet will be installed in the VA Telehealth room the first or second week of May.
6.  Paulette made motion to appoint Joan Guithues as a Director; Ron seconded; passed unanimously.
Meeting Adjourned:   1:50 PM
Submitted by Ron Gall
Ronald M Gall - President

BOD Meeting Minutes – February 21, 2018

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Dave Anderson, Paulette Frerichs and Ron Gall
COMMITTEES:  Membership -  Eleanor Shannon & Jason Wolfe
         By Laws – Eleanor Shannon
         Building Use – Karen Powell
         Director – Barbara Lewis
GUESTS PRESENT: Gary Bailey, Greg Guithues, Joan Guithues
DECEMBER MINUTES:      Approved:  Yes           Corrections: None

TREASURER'S REPORT: January Profit of $1,370.33
1.  Credit Card payment option on the website:        
            Action: Ron has sent documentation to PayPal to reactivate the OVCA account.  After it is reactivated, Ron or

            Dayle Rhodes will add a PayPal button to the OVCA website to start accepting online payments for dues and
            Leaders Merchant Services charged OVCA $350 to cancel the account.  Ron has contacted Leaders and has been

            told that since we are a nonprofit and Leaders program is not compatible with our website the $350 will be
            refunded. Ron is waiting for confirmation of the refund and Paulette will watch for it on our bank statement.
2.  Food Baskets:  Michele, Paulette & Joan made a new contents list for the Food Baskets; average $16 each with 3-4 meals in each basket.
3.  Ocean View Deep Clean Project Update: The first two dumpsters were loaded by volunteers and removed by the county. The third
dumpster was loaded on Feb 17th and is ready to be removed. Three pickup loads were also taken to Waiohinu Transfer Station.  The fourth dumpster was delivered this morning and will be loaded on Saturday, February 24th. We’ll probably have a bit remaining to take  to Waiohinu to complete the project.
            Action: Greg will bring battery operated reciprocating saw; Ron to bring extra blades and bolt cutter.

4.  2017 GE & IRS Tax Returns: Paulette has filed the GE Tax return; Paulette & Dave will meet to prepare the IRS Tax return.


1.  EFSP Grant: The full amount of the grant has been spent. Ron has sent the Phase 34 spreadsheets and documentation for Cheryl Holland (United Way in Hilo) to review. 
                Action: The EFSP website still has not posted the Phase 33 & Phase 34 option to send our reports. After the
                reports have been reviewed and when the EFSP website is ready, Ron will send our reports to EFSP.

2.  2018 OVCA Officers: The board elected Ron Gall as President/Secretary; Dave Anderson as Vice President; and Paulette Frerichs as Treasurer. Michele Wyres withdrew from the board but will continue to help with the free dinners; she and Bill Wyres will also work the pancake breakfasts. 

3.  Membership Committee: Eleanor Shannon has been joined by Jason Wolfe and Barbara Lewis.  Jason will use his skills to resurrect the OVCA Facebook page with a link to the OVCA website. OVCA office staff will provide Eleanor with a list of current and past OVCA Members. Joan suggested to include a Volunteer application in the Newsletters.

4.  By Laws Committee: Eleanor passed out a By Laws binder for each OVCA Officer and an extra for Directors. She gave the board a review of the binders.  Her goal is to revise the By Laws to resolve conflicting articles as recommended in the binders and others to be prepared. She will proceed in steps over the next months.
5.  Finance Committee: Set over to March board meeting.

6.  Fundraisers:  - Yard Sale: We need someone to coordinate volunteers to clean, sort & price items. The last yard sale was our most
           profitable fundraiser.
           - Food Drive: Board members to develop ideas to be discussed at the March board meeting.
            Action: The target date for the yard sale is April or May

7.  Boys and Girls Club:  Request for donation from OVCA to be considered.
            Action: No donation at this time.
8.  Reader Boards: The OVCA website address has been added to the top of the reader boards.
9.  Main hall is ready to paint. The board and guests selected the wall, accent wall & ceiling colors as adopted by Paulette’s motion; seconded by Barbara; and passed unanimously.
            Action:  Dave will start painting when the paint arrives.
10. Dogs at the free dinners and other meals (ie. Pancake breakfast). Ron contacted the Health Department Sanitation Division for guidelines. As a private facility, we are allowed to refuse service to anyone; service animals are allowed and we are allowed to ask what service an animal provides; the service animal is not required to wear a vest designating as a service animal. We already have signs posted that only service animals are allowed inside the OVCA facility.
            Action: A sign needs to be posted advising the public that: 
                - The OVCC is a privately owned facility; and
                - The OVCA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
If a guest during a meal has an allergy (as happened at a free dinner), the animal owner will be asked to eat his/her meal on the lanai.  Otherwise, the animal owner will not be served.

Meeting Adjourned:  
Submitted by:  Ronald M Gall
Signed:  ______________________________
     Ronald M Gall - President

OVCA Annual Meeting Minutes – January 17, 2018

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Barbara Lewis, Dave Anderson, Paulette Frerichs & Ron Gall
GUESTS PRESENT: Eleanor Shannon, Gary Bailey, Glenda S, Joan Guithues & Karen Powell
DECEMBER MINUTES: Approved; No Corrections

TREASURER'S REPORT: December Profit:  $25.73
1.  Credit Card payment option on the website: Ron cancelled Leaders Merchant Services & Authorize.net
            Action: Dayle Rhodes and/or Ron will add a PayPal button to the OVCA website to start accepting online

                       payments for dues and donations. 

2.  Surplus funds from Ocean View Deep Clean project: As approved by the Board in December, Ron has purchased and received the reader board track to be installed after the reader boards are repainted.          
            Action: The carpet squares for the Kids’ Library still need to be selected and purchased.

3.  Boys and Girls Club: Jasmine has advised that the Boys & Girls Club will not be able to provide the after school services in Ocean View this year. They will be providing goodie bags with personal hygiene products at the OVCA free dinners.
4.  EFSP Grant: We have received the second half of the grant. We still MUST spend the balance (about $2,800) by January 31, 2018 or forfeit the balance.
            Action: Paulette & Michele will shop for the grant food. Paulette & Ron will submit the EFSP reports.

5.  Free Dinners & Food Baskets: 
               - The Free Dinners resumed on January 10th and will continue on Wednesdays with exceptions when
                special events are scheduled (ie. Volcano Awareness on January 17th).
               - Michele, Paulette & Joan are working on a new contents list for the Food Baskets.

6.  OVCA Costco Membership has been changed to Paulette Frerichs and Michele Wyres.
7.  2017 GE & IRS Tax Returns: Status from Paulette & Dave Anderson
            Action: Paulette will submit the GE tax return this week. Dave will prepare the IRS tax return with the financia
                information from Paulette.
8.  Ron attempted to contact Richard Ebert about items he may want to donate to OVCA. Ron has sent an email to Richard (1-16-18) asking if items are still available.

1.  Installation of 2018 Board of Directors:  Elected 2018 directors are:  Barbara Lewis, Dave Anderson, Michele Wyres, Paulette Frerichs and Ron Gall.         

2.  2018 Officers:
            Action: The Directors will elect the 2018 Officers on Wednesday, January 24th in the Executive Board session

                at Noon.

3.  Ocean View Deep Clean Project Update: 
            - Mike Kaha at Solid Waste Management will deliver dumpsters to OVCA lot in February for volunteers
               to load. Dumpsters must be loaded within 7 days, then county will pick up and haul away.
            Action: Dave Anderson will coordinate volunteers to load dumpsters and coordinate with Mike Kaha.

4.  Membership and By-Laws Committees: Eleanor Shannon offered to be a member of these committees. Discussion expressed the need to increase membership with the possibility of direct mail to all Ocean View PO boxes. It was agreed that the By-Laws need some revisions to clarify some sections and correct conflicting sections. Glenda will consider serving on a Finance Committee.
            Action:  Paulette made motion to appoint Eleanor to both committees; Barbara seconded the motion; motion

                 passed unanimously. Glenda will advise the Board regarding a Finance Committee at the February
                 Board Meeting.
5.  Reader Boards:  We now have new tracks to install (with 5 lines) after the boards are scraped and repainted.
            Action: Preparation of the reader boards may not be completed until around April.

6.  Google Maps:  It has been noticed that Google Maps shows the community center location as the “Ocean View Baptist Church”.
            Action:  Ron checked Google Maps on January 19th and found that it has been corrected. The map now

                   shows our address as “Ocean View Community Center”.
7.  Fundraisers:  OVCA needs to do more fundraising. 
            - We have enough donations for a Yard Sale but no one responded to our request for volunteers to clean, organize

             and price the items. If we can get enough volunteers to help, it is suggested that we have the yard sale in April
             or May.
            - It was also suggested that we have a Food Drive to supplement the dinner and food basket programs.
            - Another suggestion is to post “OVCC Needs Help” on the reader boards when space is available.

Meeting Adjourned:   1:30 PM
Submitted by:  Ron Gall
Ronald M Gall - President

BOD Meeting Minutes – December 20, 2017
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Dave Anderson, Paulette Frerichs and Ron Gall
GUESTS PRESENT: Rachell Barker
TREASURER'S REPORT: November profit of $32.95
1.   Draft letter to send to potential advertisers: 
            Action: Ron to print in color and email to Paulette for mailing (Done 12-21-17).

2.  Credit Card payment option on the website:  Update from Ron
            Action: Dayle Rhodes and Ron have not been able to put on website without more charges.  We will add a PayPal button to the OVCA website to start accepting online payments. 

3.  Ocean View “Deep Clean” Project Update: 
            - The second request was submitted to Mayor Kim and Solid Waste Management on November 6th to
               place dumpsters on the OVCA lower lot for volunteers to load and the county remove.  Mayor Kim is
               making this happen! Mike Kaha at Solid Waste Management will be in touch once the details and
               schedule for contract services are arranged.  No date yet. 

            - We have $443.53 surplus from the grant.  Suggestions to use the balance?
                (ie. Carpet squares for kids’ library; letter holders & paint for the reader boards, etc)

            - We have not gotten funding for tire disposal fees.  Ron to explore options for tire disposal. 

            Action: Motion by Ron, seconded by Paulette to use the surplus grant funds to pay for: carpet squares for the Kids’ Library; letter holders & paint for the reader boards; and ??????? Motion passed unanimously.

4.  Thanksgiving Dinner:  Over 360 dinners were served and about fifty volunteers helped with the event.
5.  Boys and Girls Club:  Ron contacted by email on December 11th and told Jasmine that we have room for the computers they offered to donate and the basketball hoop.  I asked if they could pay $60/month to cover the utilities for the events.  No response yet.
            Action:  Ron continue trying to contact Jasmine and Malia.  With a tentative start date of January 8th, we need a commitment from B&GC to reserve space for them to use. 


1.  EFSP Grant:  Ron submitted the Interim Report and request for the second half of the funds.  However, we still MUST spend the full amount ($5,000) by January 31, 2018 or forfeit the balance.
Free dinners estimated cost is about $450/month with the EFSP grant ($3,000) covering costs for about six months.  So OVCA would need to budget about $2,700 for the other six months. Food Baskets currently cost about $23 each ($760/mo for 33 baskets once a month).  At that cost, the EFSP $2,000 grant will pay for about two and a half months.  We have 33 people picking up food baskets in last three months. The total cost for the remaining nine and a half months would cost OVCA about $7,220. The total cost for both food programs would be nearly $10,000 per year.  We need to reduce the cost of the food baskets.  What should each food basket contain? (ie. 2 protein, 1 starch, 1 fruit & 1 veggie?)

Since the OVCA Costco membership renewal is due in February and EFSP must be spent by the end of January, do we want to renew?

              Acttion:Food basket costs to be reduced with more cost effective yet healthy foods. Free dinners will move to Wednesdays beginning January 10th. Costco membership to be changed to Paulette and Michele.
2.  Ballot count for election of the 2018 Board of Directors:
            Barbara Lewis:____   Dave Anderson  ____  Michele Wyres  ____  Rachell Barker  ____
            Ron Gall ____  Paulette Frerichs ____

            Question regarding when a member qualifies to be a Director.

            Action: Eleanor Shannon submitted a letter stating that the six month requirement to be a candidate for a Director position is silent as to whether or not the six month period needs to be continuous.  OVCA past interpretation has been that the six months be continuous.  Since the President has the authority in the By Laws to appoint a member to the board when there is a vacancy (currently 7 vacancies), the board agreed that the point is moot.

            Action:  Ballots received total 50 (about 27% of members) compared to 18 (about 7% in 2017). While not all candidates received 50 votes, all received a large majority of all votes.

3.  2017 GE & IRS Tax Returns:   Dave, Paulette & Ron to prepare and file before January 20th.
            Action:  Paulette to file the General Excise return before January 20th; Dave to file IRS return before May 15th.

4.  Do we need to contact Richard Ebert about donating printers/scanners?  Have enough?  Need reserve?
            Action:  Ron to contact Mr Ebert and accept donations if they are still available.

5.  Paula Boyer re Disability Legal Services: She can pay $60/year ($5 per event vs $10 per event) as this service is provided to community for a small or no fee.
          Action: The board agreed to accept $60 per year for this as a service to the community.
6.  Other:  It was suggested to include a rain report in the newsletters.  Ron to find source pertaining to Ka’u District and/or Ocean View.

Meeting Adjourned:   1:19 PM
Submitted by:  Ron Gall
Ronald M Gall - President

BOD MEETING – November 15, 2017
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Dave Anderson, Barbara Lewis, Paulette Frerichs and Ron Gall
GUESTS PRESENT: Boys & Girls Club representatives present: Malia Farias and Jasmine Branco, Eleanor Shannon

OCTOBER MINUTES: Correction to Old Business #3 – Should be Paulette instead of Paula
     Correction to New Business #8 – Motion passed to charge $15/Hr for Computer Lab
     Approved with corrections:  Yes  

TREASURER'S REPORT:    October Expenses:  $1024.03   Income:  $2,363.65   Profit:  $1,339.62
1.   Draft letter to send to potential advertisers: 
            Action: Paulette & Ron will review business list to make mailing list.

2.  Credit Card payment option on the website: 
            Action: We are now enrolled with Leader Merchant Services.  However, Ron and/or Dayle Rhodes need to figure

                out how to set up the “Shopping Cart” function on our website. We anticipate that it will all be ready to go
                by December 1st.
3.  VA Telehealth Station: Update from Joan and/or Cori.
            Action: Kona VA Medical Team will be making appointments for the first and third Thursdays of each month

                beginning November 2, 2017.

4.  Ocean View “Deep Clean” Project: Huge success with about 30 volunteers. Two 40 foot Matson containers were filled with furniture and
  unloaded at the Hilo Landfill. We provided lunch and bottled water to volunteers but did not pay for gas. After grant funds are received from Matson, Ron will submit the final budget to the board for approval.
            - Ron has submitted two requests to the county to place three dumpsters on the OVCA lot where
              appliances and scrap metal were staged. The first request to Solid Waste Management was rejected    
              citing the lack of resources. The second request was submitted to Mayor Kim and Solid Waste
              Management on November 6th but no response has been received to date.
            - We have not gotten funding for tire disposal fees. After some negotiations, the General Manager at
               Costco declined to help. Royal Hawaiian Movers may still provide some help. Ron to explore other options. 
           Action: Ron to submit final project budget when we receive grant monies from Matson to present at December BOD

5.  Keiki Jiggle Bums (New keiki program - no one showed on Nov 1st a few came today!):
           Action: Paulette made motion to waive rental fees for this program through December; Dave seconded;motion passed unanimously.


1.  Boys & Girls Club Discussion:
            - Tentative start date at OVCC on January 8, 2018; Monday through Friday 3-5 PM in Main Hall
               without kitchen; B & G will change to another room/area as needed when OVCC has confirmed
            -  Adult to child ratio is 1 adult to 30 children; anticipating 40+ children ages 6-17 years old.
            -  Naalehu Elementary school buses have agreed to stop at OVCC for children attending B & G.
            -  B & G has 8 desktop computers and a portable basketball hoop & balls to donate to OVCA.
            -  B & G will provide snacks to children.
            -  B & G themes will be Fitness, Academic Support; and Mentoring/Leadership.

2.  Thanksgiving Dinner:  What preparations do we need to do and When? We have napkins and tablecloths
            Action: All items needed by 11/22/2017. Dave and Paulette have lists of items needed and what we already have o
n hand.

3.  EFSP Grant:  We now have the first half ($2,500) of the new EFSP grant. We can request the second half of the funds anytime and we
          do not need to spend the first half before requesting second half. However, we MUST spend the full amount ($5,000) by
          January 31, 2018. The board needs to:
             - Evaluate the OVCA budget to determine what amounts we can budget for the free dinners and food baskets.
             - Decide when to resume and how often we serve the free dinners.
             - Decide how often to provide the food baskets and what should be in them.
            Action: Staff will decide what the food baskets should contain. Board needs to budget for baskets. The board

                    decided to resume weekly free dinners on Wednesday, January 10th (Paulette).

4.  Ballots for election of the 2018 Board of Directors:  Mail to all currently paid members?
     Now on ballot:  Barbara Lewis, Dave Anderson, Michele Wyres, Rachell Barker, Ron Gall & Paulette Frerichs
            Action: Paulette will mail out ballots November 17-20.

5.  Smoke detectors for OVCC: 
            Action: Glenda confirmed that smoke detectors are not required in our facility (per county).

6.  Burglar alarm system for OVCC: Our insurance may require so we need to review insurance policy.
            Action: Ron will review insurance policy and confirm with our insurance agent.

7.  2017 GE & IRS Tax Returns:   
            Action: Dave, Paulette and Ron will prepare the returns.

8.  OVCC Member / Non-Member Fees:
            Action: WIFI Free / Free; Printing $0.10 per pg / $0.25 per pg; Scanning $0.15 per pg / $0.25 per pg;
                Faxes $0.50 per pg / $1.00 per pg (Long distance not available); Computers Free / $2 per hour.

9.  MAHALO to Eleanor for the new laptop. What does staff want on the laptop for use?
            Action: Ron to share Microsoft subscription when renewed in January and load what staff need.
10.  We need to contact Richard Ebert about donating printers/scanners. 
            Action: Ron to contact Richard.

Meeting Adjourned:   2:10 PM
Submitted by:
Ronald M Gall - President

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – October 18, 2017
CALL TO ORDER:             12:11 PM
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:     Dave Anderson, Paulette Frerich, Ron Gall, Barbara Lewis
GUESTS PRESENT: Eleanor Shannon, Mars Cavers, Glenda S, Rachell Barker
TREASURER'S REPORT:    Loss of $18.55 due to Pancake Breakfast expenses (see attached)
1.   Draft letter to send to potential advertisers:  Paulette drafted letter for Board to review.
            Action: Send out last week of October

2.  EFSP Grant – Ron and Paulette interviewed in Hilo on September 21st for the next EFSP grant.        
            Action: Waiting for grant approval

3.  Credit Card payment option on the website:  Ron has contacted three credit card services to consider (see summary attached).
            Action: Paula moved, Barbara seconded that OVCA use Leader Merchant Services.  Ron to set up.

4.  VA Telehealth Station: GlobalMed Telemedicine provided training for five volunteers the week of September 17-23. The Kona VA Clinic expects to use the kiosk once or twice a month beginning November 2nd.  This is the first rural community in the United States to have this system.
5.  Ocean View “Deep Clean” Project:  This project will occur on Saturday October 21st with volunteers meeting 8 AM at the Ocean View Community Center. All costs funded by Matson Hilo.
            - Two Matson containers will be located on Aloha below HOVE Road Maintenance Office
            - Volunteers will pick up large items along roadways in Ocean View and place in the containers
            - Volunteers will also pick up metal and appliances and deliver to the Waiohinu Transfer Station
            - We have not gotten funding for tire disposal fees. Therefore, volunteers will NOT pick up tires along
               roadways during this project. Ron is still working with Costco and Royal Hawaiian Movers to waive
               or pay tire disposal fees. 
            - OVCA will provide bottled water (Paulette) and lunch (pizza) for volunteers.  Drivers will be given a
               nominal fee as reimbursement for fuel.
            Action: Ron will email OVCA Members & Past Members to have them attend an organizing meeting at OVCC on Thursday, October 19th to sign up as volunteers for this project.


1.  Thanksgiving Dinner:  What preparations do we need to do and When? We have napkins and tablecloths
            Action: All items needed by 11/19/2017. Dave and Paulette have lists of items needed and what we already have on hand.

2.  Free Thursday Dinner & Food Basket Programs:  Event has been temporarily cancelled to give our volunteers a break. Preparing and serving the dinners is a lot of work for volunteers, and we really need more volunteers to ease the burden on the few we have.

            Action:  The OVCA budget needs to be evaluated regarding the dinner costs for the next year. While we anticipate a new EFSP Grant, we have not received notice of an award yet.
3.  Nominations for 2018 Board of Directors: 
     Up to eleven (11) Directors can be elected; then the Directors elect the four (4) Officers. We have solicited nominations by email to current and past members. No nominations have been received to date. Now what?
            Action: Rachell Barker and Eleanor Shannon may apply.

4.  Smoke detectors for OVCC:  We need to check/replace/buy smoke detectors where needed. 
            Action: We need to have the fire extinguishers checked.

5.  Burglar alarm system for OVCC:  Our insurance may require so we need to review insurance policy.
            Action: We need to review insurance policy; we may need to install an alarm system.

6.  Ballots & Membership mailings:  Membership as of October 16th is 155 by email + 57 USPS
            Action: Ron will draft ballots and membership renewal notice.

7.  2017 Tax Returns:   We have volunteer preparer.
8.  OVCC Fees:  WIFI free, Computers/Printers/Scanners? Computer Lab/Conference Room: $15 per hour was moved and passed
            Action: Richard Ebert has printers/scanners to donate. Eleanor will donate new computer. It was      suggested that we may need a buzzer for the back door.

9.  Keiki Jiggle Bums (New keiki program):  Should OVCA offer reduced rent to get the program

            Action: November 15 upstairs. Rachell has large mirrors.

10.  Coffee to be kept at front desk; all accessories in Green Room.

Meeting Adjourned:   2:10 PM
Submitted by Barbara Lewis – Secretary
Ronald M Gall - President
Ronald M Gall - President

CALL TO ORDER:             12:10 PM

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:     Barbara Lewis, Paulette Frerichs and Ron Gall

GUESTS PRESENT: Karen Pucci and Anna Towner
AUGUST MINUTES APPROVED              Yes                 

TREASURER'S REPORT:    August Income:      $1,016.00
               Expenses (w/o Insurance):  $  989.61
                       Insurance          $4,894.97
               Net Loss for August      -$4,868.58

1.   Draft letter to send to potential advertisers:        
            Action:  Paulette submitted draft letter to send to businesses in October or November.

2.  EFSP Grant – Ron submitted the grant application on September 6th. 
            Action:  Ron and Paulette interviewed at United Way in Hilo on September 21st.  We hope to receive

                 approval or denial in October.

3.  Credit Card payment option on the website:  Ron has not received details yet. 
            Action:  The board unanimously agreed to add options use of credit/debit cards and PayPal on the

                 OVCA website.

4.  VA Telehealth Station:  GlobalMed Telemedicine donated the equipment to the OVCA for real time doctor visits with veterans at the Community Center. It was installed and tested on September 18th.  Training for four volunteers is being provided by GlobalMed on September 19, 20 & 21. The Kona VA Clinic expects to use the kiosk once or twice a month. 

5.  Boys & Girls Club:  No response from anyone at Boys & Girls Club.  They may have discontinued their program at Kahuku Park.  Until OVCA gets a response from someone at the Boys & Girls Club, there seems to be nothing else we can do to partner with them.

Ocean View “Deep Clean” Project:  Tentative date OCTOBER 21st. Two options were available and the BOD approved the option for Matson to deliver a container to Ocean View and we can use it for up to three days. Only large items such as furniture, appliances, etc. will be loaded in the container.
  a.  Prior to cleanup day, we need to provide Matson with a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Matson Hilo as the certificate holder. 

  b.  After cleanup day, we need to send Matson a few documents before the grant monies will be released.  Ron will get those documents before a date is set for the event.
  c.  Container needs to be delivered to smooth level surface area. Ron will provide Matson with photos of the two lots below OVCC to be approved as the container drop-off.  An alternative may be at HOVE Road Maintenance property.
  d.Volunteers with pickups are needed to gather items roadside and transport to the container. Drivers’ fuel costs will be reimbursed from the grant.
  e.Volunteers will also be needed to follow container to Hilo Landfill for off-loading and cleanup of container. Rubber gloves will be provided to volunteers but it is suggested that volunteers bring leather gloves to use.

f.Bright colored vests as well as lunch (from Paulette) and water will be provided for volunteers.
  g. We’re exploring if we can buy T-shirts or hats for volunteers after project completion.
  h. OVCA expenses will be reimbursed by Matson grant monies after project completion.

2.  OVCA Yard Sale: No volunteers have come forward to help clean, organize and price items.  No word on whether high school students are available to help.
            Action:  The board agreed to postpone the Yard Sale until after the end of this year.

3. We have rented the Main Hall and Kitchen to a church on October 14th.  While we want to keep the Pancake Breakfast days consistent, we will generate additional income by moving Pancake Breakfast in October to October 7th. 
            Action:  The board agreed to move Pancake Breakfast for October only.

4.  Thanksgiving Dinner Prep:  Ron sent out 28 letters requesting donations for this year’s dinner. Are there other preparations we should be doing? (ie. Buy napkins on sale, table cloths, etc)
            Action:  Thanksgiving Dinner will be served 1-4 PM on Thursday November 23rd. We need to make a list of the supplies we have and those we need. Ron to have the event advertised in the Ka’u Calendar.

5.  OVCA Membership Benefits:  What new benefits can we offer our members?
            Action:  Ron made motion, seconded by Paulette, to offer OVCA Members a 15% discount on rental charges for their use of Community Center facilities.  Motion was unanimously approved.

6.  Christmas Event at the Ocean View Community Center: The Lamb of God Baptist Church, Na’alehu Amazing Grace Baptist Church and the Kona Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist Church will perform a Christmas Concert from 6 pm-9:30 pm on December 22nd.
            Action:  The board unanimously agreed to waive the building use fees for this event.

7.  Facility Improvements were discussed.  It was agreed that we need a comprehensive long-term plan
    for the downstairs spaces.

8.  Board Nominations for 2018:  None submitted to date.

Meeting Adjourned:   1:20 PM

Submitted by Ron Gall for Barbara Lewis

______________________________________        Date ____________________
Ronald M Gall - President